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Affordable Access

Child using a tablet

What's Possible?

For most consumers, the accessibility journey ends after you’ve bought a product, enabled the accessibility features, and then started using it. However, for tech-savvy users, there are additional opportunities available to squeeze the maximum accessibility support out of a device at the lowest possible cost.

Woman showing two men how to use a tablet.This section is designed for people who have significant technical knowledge and are prepared to take a few risks to achieve greater accessibility rewards. Yet our research indicates that for every benefit there are potential issues including purchasing devices that may not work in Australia, or performing actions on your device that may render it unusable. So we recommend you exercise a high degree of caution if you are going to consider any of the approaches mentioned in this section.

Additional accessibility benefits include buying products from overseas, manually updating the operating system on your Android smartphone or tablet to improve its accessibility feature set, and delving into the accessibility features available on a $50 Raspberry Pi when you set it up as a desktop computer or media player.